Saturday, July 4, 2009

Agricultural project underway

We started digging the foundations for the piggery and poultry house (chicken coop) yesterday! We've been working with a local veterinarian and engineer to come up with building designs and pick out a site. All the agricultural structures will be located within new hope's compound--there's a lot of unused space currently. Construction should take a couple weeks--then we move in the piglets and chicks!

We're planting grass for the cattle next week. We'll start construction on the cow shed in a couple weeks as well. We've been advised to wait until the grass has grown (a few months) before purchasing the cows. We plan on practicing zero-grazing, which basically means we grow grass on a separate farm (a few miles from new hope) and then harvest that grass periodically and bring it to the cow shed for the animals to eat. By keeping the cows in a relatively confined space, we limit their exposure to diseases. Plus with nearly 5 acres of land devoted to growing grass, we should have plenty of feed for the cows.

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